Seatamer Triton Series
4.8 — 5.0 Metres

Seatamers Triton Series has been built using all 4mm plate and 5mm structure.

This boat is a serious heavy duty vessel. Do not get this confused with a Tinny—this is a plate boat. Vessel comes with a self draining cockpit and under floor fuel tank. Triton is customized to suit your needs for tillersteer, centre or side console, or a runabout.

The vessel is ideal for inshore or offshore pleasure.


  • Bottom: 4mm
  • Sides: 4mm
  • Framing: 5mm
  • Keel: 10mm
  • Flooring 3mm
  • Maximum Horse power: 70 hp
  • Maximum fuel 100 Litres
  • Weight on trailer: approx 750 kilos depending on style and horsepower
  • Beam — 2.2 Metres

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