Seatamer Rampage Series
6.1 Metres

Seatamers Rampage Series vessels have been designed for serious blue water game fishing, survey vessels or for family pleasure and weekenders.

Seatamers Rampage at a length of 6.1 mt with a beam of 2.5 mt enables you to have the ease of owning a small blue water game fishing boat and be able to tow it behind your large family car or the medium 4WD. This is because of the weight factor as it's constructed from aluminium.


  • 5mm Bottom
  • 4mm Sides.
  • 3mm Cabin
  • Towing Weight from 1400 kgs
  • Draws 370mm
  • Internal Free Board 650 - 700 mm
  • Fuel capacity 200 litres
  • Maximum horsepower 150 hp

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