Noctiluca" 7.5 Metre Charter Fisher

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Professional Fisherman Magazine 2005

Noctiluca": from the Latin; "Noct"=night and "luca" = light. Description: "any of the bioluminescent dinoflagellates of the genus "noctiluca" that, when gathered together in large numbers, make the sea phosphorescent."

"Noctiluca", an eye catching new 7.5 metre Seatamer charter/fisher arrived at Lord Howe Island after an uneventful voyage from Newcastle on 21st. May 2005, a vessel that has indeed justified Jack and Cindy Schick's faith in the competence and ability of Seatamer Marine Manufacturing Pty Ltd to provide them with the ideal vessel for their operation.

Jack and Cindy Schick have been operating "Sea to Summit Expeditions" from Lord Howe Island since 1992. Indeed Jack is a 5th generation Lord Howe Islander, who came into the business when he took over the guided walk up Mount Gower (visible from many miles out at sea) from his father in 1992. An established fisherman d seaman, Jack has fished and taken charter boats out for most of his adult life, and holds a Master 5 certificate.

In 1998 the Schicks decided it was time to purchase their own vessel, and bought a 6.9m alloy vessel, "Sea Rider". The vessel has seen sterling service, but they decided recently they required a bigger, faster, purpose-built vessel to handle the conditions off Lord Howe Island. They also wanted a few more creature comforts, including a ladies toilet, to enable them to maintain the high standard of service they offer, and also to provide a stable deck for fishing in the open waters there.

Jack had seen the Seatamer stand at the Sydney Boat Show, and he was immediately impressed with their experience, and the quality and strength of the vessels that Joe Vella was offering.

Over the last 5 years Jack had continued going to the boat show, and he built up a rapport with Joe Vella, who proved helpful in upgrading "Sea Rider", and amenable to suggestions as to future requirements. So it was perhaps inevitable that, having acquired bank approval for their new vessel, they would approach Seatamer to build it for them.

Lord Howe Island is an exposed Island that at times encounters extreme weather conditions, and they felt confident that Seatamer could provide the strength and reliability that were essential to their needs there.

Seatamer Marine have been in business in the Newcastle area for 10 years now, with a total of 40 years experience behind them in the manufacture of mono hulls, twin hull cats, landing barges and purpose built vessels. The entire staff are keen fishermen and/or divers, which shows in their ability to communicate readily with, and understand the specific needs of, their clients.

They are proud of their vessels sea keeping abilities, and their strength and durability, so that they were obviously an ideal choice for the construction of "Noctiluca".

Specialising in strong scantlings, they use 5083 structural aluminium throughout, with a hull thickness of 5mm on the bottom, 4mm on the sides, and offer increased scantlings in the way of close ribs and supports and plate size.

In close co-operation with the Schick family, they selected an 7.5metre vessel, designed by Marine Design Solutions, with a 3metre beam and 600 ml. draft, giving a displacement of 3 tonnes. The result is a sturdy and workable boat with great sea keeping qualities for the envisioned often demanding operating conditions.

They chose to engine her with a 200 Hp. Volvo turbo-charged diesel, opting for reliability as a paramount requirement, combined with a 21 knot cruising speed to enable them to gain fast access to their fishing grounds, as well as the ability to target the large pelagics that Lord Howe Island is famous for, including Kingfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Trevally and Cod. The vessel will also be utilised to do bird and dolphin watching trips around the Island and down to the spectacular Balls Pyramid. She will also be chartered out on occasion to Howea Divers to be used as a tender on those days when Jack is taking his clients hiking up to Mount Gower's 875m. peak. Raymarine provided the electronics package which is nicely fitted in the roomy cockpit which offers splendid vision and adequate headroom, with a very comfortable fit out. The Pacific 10 man RFD sits snugly on top of the cabin, and her appearance is one of an attractive charter vessel, but every inch a fishing/working vessel able to do its job in the open oceans which will be her home.

Jack and Cindy Shick have declared themselves totally delighted with the vessel, its performance on trials, its speed, comfort, and convenience. They are also totally satisfied with their relationship with Joe Vella and the crew at Seatamer, both with their experience and professionalism, but even more in their willingness to work in harmony with their clients to produce the ideal vessel for their needs.

And it is this combination that ensures the continuing success of Seatamer Marine, and they are currently busy with orders for a 6 metre twin hull survey vessel for NSW Maritime, already under construction, a 7.3 metre Pilot vessel for NSW Maritime, and two 7 metre monohulls

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