Oze Blue 10 mt Ultimate Flybridge Cruiser

Seatamer builds large aluminium vessels to the commercial users as well as the serious blue water fishing enthusiasts.

This Seatamer 10 mt ultimate Flybridge Cruiser was purposely built for “All at Sea Charters”. Mr & Mrs Persson spoke at length at the 2001 Sydney International Boat Show. Seatamer Marine, Marine Design Solutions and Mr & Mrs Persson worked together to build the boat that best suited the required specifications. “All at Sea Charters” for dive and fishing in Cronulla NSW.


From the bow: you will find this vessel has a large bowsprit and split bow rail, large anchor locker with electric winch. The boat has a large laminated glass hatch.

Side Cabin: Walking down the side of the cabin you have wide gunwhales as well as handrails along the bottom of the flybridge.

Forward cabin: Walking from the forward cabin you have 3 bunk beds with storage and the shower and toilet compartment sink, hot and cold water.

Saloon Area: Stepping up to the saloon area you have a bench on the port side with storage and STB side has bottom station controls.

Behind helm: there is a dinette for 4 people to eat and this doubles up as a bed for 2. On port side you have a 'U' shaped gallery area with single bowl sink, gas stove and fridge. The floor is carpeted and head lining above.

Cockpit: Moving out to the cockpit with an area of 14 sq. metres you have side trays, engine boxes with padded cushions, transform door, 10 rod holders, live bait tank, under floor kill tank and removable carpet. Treadplate floor and marlin board to land those big marlins. Situated up on the flybridge is the 2nd helm station with rails, biminy top and clears. 2 x pedestal seats.

Power plants under cockpit floor are two 200hp Volvo turbo Diesel's, 700 Litres per engine, 250 litres of water. Performance we achieved was 27 knots and a cruising speed of 19 - 20 knots at 3100 rpm. On the run down to Cronulla, Sydney NSW from Swansea, Newcastle NSW the throttles were set to 3100 rpm and 4 hours later arrived without the need to touch the throttles. The motors hummed for the 4 hour trip.

The vessel was also trialed in the seas outside of Swansea, Newcastle NSW.

On board was Joe Vella, Seatamer's builder and Seatamer's employees of boat builder's/fishing enthusiasts. This doubled up as the sea trials and a fishing day. The seas were about 3 metres with a 1 mt wind chop. Joe needed these conditions for the trials. As they reached the outer farm fishing ground they set 3 x 24kg outfits and 1 x 15kg outfit.

Trolling for about an hour they noticed a marlin on the surface. Within seconds they were playing the marlin which lasted 30 minutes. There was a great buzz among the crew. Not bad for the vessel's first sea trials.

For the 5 hours out there the vessel relished in the conditions. We ran the vessel hard into the seas side on and following, running at 20 - 22 knots. The boat was stable just riding in the swell and being pushed along by the gathering south easterly seas. Even as they manoeuvred around the boat there was little change in stability and trim top speed at 27 knots was achieved with 7 people on board plus fishing gear.

The vessel makes for a good economical boat as fuel consumption being 20 litres per hour per engine. The Ultimate is quite an attractive package for the commercial application or the serious blue water enthusiast. It has a great sea keeping ability, huge cockpit area and smart layout. The vessel was designed to suit our customer's taste and budget. Well done to Seatamer's employees, designer Marine Design Solutions and the owner's Mr and Mrs Persson of All at Sea Charters for a well designed and excellent built boat.

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