CNC Router Cutting

Unlike plasma cutting there is no need for grinding and sanding of edges. The cut is square. The router is capable of cutting 1.6mm to 32mm thick aluminium as well as cutting plastics, timber, brass and copper. Decorative patterns also. Other companies are contracting work to Seatamer as well as the private sector who are considering building their own vessel.

Seatamer uses an in house computer router cutting process enabling intricate shapes to be cut to precision size in less time with less scrap resulting

For example a 10 metre Landing Barge, fully tacked ready for welding when measured was only 1mm out over 10 metres long.

All that is required is an Autocad design file - .dxf file. This allows Seatamer to estimate time, quantity of material minimising wastage and delivered or picked up in pack form ready to be fabricated.

If you have the design but not the design file see Steve Nichols of Marine Design Solutions

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