Landing Barges

Seatamer has built numerous Landing Barge vessels, for example, the barge on the right has been built as quick response evacuation vessels and fire reduction, cleaning beaches, etc.

The 8.2mt purposely built barge built by Seatamer is being used for fire reduction and evacuation in the Upper reaches of the Hawkesbury. The huge cockpit area enables the crew to drive a small bobcat onto the vessel. The use of this bobcat is to clear fire trails and beaches inaccessible by road.


Other Landing Barges have been built from 8.2 metres to 10 metres, as above, OSV Denison and OSV Banks for Sydney Port Corporation, purposely built as Oil Spillage Barges enabling bow door to open and boom floats to be deployed from the bow with quick response and manouvering.


Seatamer has recently completed a 10 metre Fire Barge (right) with its own huge fire pump on its deck. The Fire Service will have a quick response vessel, fully equipped for 12 personnel to attack house and boat fires as well as bush fires around the Hawkesbury Region.

All Barges were designed by

Marine Design Solutions - Ourimbah NSW.

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